IQGenius Academy for Everyone

We just launched a product that may well be the solution people who have been seeking to acquire relevant and in demand IT skills have been looking for.

The Product which is called “IQGenius Academy” is a package containing a comprehensive and concise collection of tutorials combined with input from industry experts covering the most relevant and contemporary software and software development packages which include Mobile Application Development, Web Design and Development, Desktop Application Development, Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing and more.
The founder of IQGenius Ogunwande Oluwole, speaking at the product launch explained how he was inspired to build The Academy by his experience as a curious young man trying to enter the world of programming; “It took an unbelievable amount of effort just to know the extent of the things i didn’t know which i was curious about, no one had the time or was willing to teach me, all the good training institutes were too expensive and all the avenues i could learn on my own were online so everyday i had to walk a long distance with my laptop to the cyber cafe because there, internet was at least a little bit cheaper and going through that made me resolve to fix this problem for other people”.
The team at IQGenius put a lot of work into ensuring The Academy is optimised for offline learning on both the desktop and mobile platforms and they also are very particular about making it as affordable as possible which is why they decided to charge users a one-time fee of N1000 for full access to The Academy.
Its 2018, very exciting things are happening in the African tech scene. If you or anyone you care about would like to acquire the skills needed to be a part of the bustling tech scene, you should absolutely go and get The IQGenius Academy APP, available on Desktop and Mobile and also available for offline download on your computer on

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