At App4SMS, we take the issue of fraud very seriously and we do not allow offensive/abusive messages on our platform.Some Sender Id’s and words used in messages that are considered suspicious and mainly used by fraudsters are banned by all Nigerian GSM operators. If you use any of such words, your message will go no where and your units deducted at your own expense.

The following precautions should be adhered to when sending SMS via our platform.:

Do not use a numeric values as your sender ID, some of the GSM networks forbid it, others will display it as 080xxxxxxx. If you must use, please test it yourself first.
Many renowned brand names has been blocked as sender ID. So, avoid the use of brand names like MTN, GLO, all bank names etc.If you are in doubt of any brand name, please do a test first.
Avoid the use of shortcode-like numbers such as 180, 121,181,3333 as your senders ID. It’s blocked on all the GSM networks.
Also, avoid the following in your Sender ID:
1, 2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, &, _, -, %, $, #, @, !, +, =,
FBI,CIA,Interpol,Interp0l,1nterp0l, Facebook, samsung, orange, sony,
Nokia, tecno, Airtel, Etisalat,orange,ATM,BVN
Do not use abusive/offensive words or words/phrases commonly used by fraudsters/scammers such as: congrats,congrat,congratulations,akpabio,promo,promotion,yello, won, win,police alert,pr0mo w1n,prom0, pr0m0, atm, bvn, wow, promotional, yellow, sex,sexy,samsung, porn, nude, and prize. Note that more words may be added in the future if it becomes frequently used by scammers.
Messages with these words as part of its content are considered as spam and do not get delivered by the network operators. In order to guide against loss of sms units from your end, we have put in place a filter to block such words.
If you are sending to large recipient, we strongly advice you to test delivery to your own number before sending. App4SMS will not be held liable for any loss of unit.
All these measures have been put in place by the GSM networks to block SMS sent by fraudsters to the unsuspecting public.
If you are in doubt of any word, please do not hesitate to contact our SUPPORT( for help.

Thank you for choosing App4SMS

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