The Tech Buzzwords You Should Know

These days, tech skills are becoming more and more important to have(even if our job title isn’t anything close to “engineer” or “developer”).
But technical skills can range from knowing a few tricks in Excel and your way around formulas to being able to somehow break into a bank’s systems and steal N1 from every account. So, even though you’re the excel guru in your workplace or school, you’ve probably still noticed some tech terms flying around that have left you scratching your head.
Instead of pretending you understand or deliberately avoiding those terms when you encounter them. We guide you through them and help you understand why they are important. Even if your job doesn’t require that you understand them, you’ll be able to communicate with those who do. Plus, no knowledge is wasted knowledge right.

1. Big Data
Let’s kick it off with something BIG! We are not talking the 500gig of movies you have on your harddisk here or the 10gig of data you bought from glo for N2500—Big data means large sets of information that computers analyze and feed through different lenses so they can make sense of the way markets and people behave.
Big data has become possible thanks to all the information fed into the internet through all our devices. And it’s important because companies of all kinds can take advantage of big data to find trends and patterns to improve the products and services they offer us and, in turn, boost their profits.

2. CMS
You might already use a CMS, or content management system, and not even realize it. A CMS is an application that lets you manage content (like text, videos, and photos) on websites. The most popular CMS is WordPress. In fact, over 25% of all sites are powered by WordPress (even those of some of the biggest companies you know and love)……….reason alone for you to make sure you get WordPress down pat! Even if you don’t end up working with code, knowing how to navigate a CMS like WordPress and update a website’s content is invaluable.

3. Data Visualization
If “seeing is believing” for you, data visualization is right up your alley! It’s the technique of making information more understandable by creating diagrams such as graphs, charts, or tables. You know like all those pie charts and pivot tables you love. Data Visualization makes it really easy for us to digest information involving data.

HTML might seem like a very abstract thing to you, but it’s actually something you see each time you go to a website. HTML (which stands for HyperText Markup Language) is what’s used to put content on webpages and structure it. Think of HTML as little drawer compartments your browser recognizes: You fill them up with content, like bios, blog posts, and images. So, whether it’s your company’s site or that personal project you’ve really wanted to get started, HTML is what it’s built with.

5. JavaScript
Don’t panic! We’re not talking about Java here. Although both are programming languages, JavaScript is the fun one (and, fun fact, JavaScript and Java aren’t actually related). JavaScript, or JS, lets you make web pages interactive, which means fancy effects like smooth scrolling and drop-down menus. JavaScript also allows you to hook into other sites (think: features like Twitter feeds, RSS feeds, and maps) they’re also called APIs but we’ll get to that soon.
6. The Cloud
This is the buzz-iest of buzzwords at the moment, but the cloud is really just any computer (often called a “server”) on which information is stored or applications are run. Commonly storing data in “the cloud” means you are storing it off of your personal computer and accessing it via the internet. You can get to that data or application with your phone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere as long as you’re
7. Application Programming Interface(APIs)
You know how your Uber app uses google maps to show where the driver is or how you can share a picture from whatsapp to your instagram. Thats APIs at work.
APIs are how different applications communicate with each other.

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